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Woman Disgrace Her Boss For Sending Her Inappropriate Sexual Chats (Video)

Asking a lady out for a relationship is not a big deal but asking multiple ladies out at the same time in the same work space is like calling for trouble.

A man has gotten himself beaten and disgraced by a government worker in the same office. The lady was caught on video beating up her boss after he allegedly harassed her with inappropriate sexual chats.

The lady who is identified as Zhou, is seen throwing books at her boss’ face and beating him with a mop while he tries to apologize. In the 14-minute video which has gone viral on Chinese social media Weibo, Zhou is also seen pouring water over her boss.

Zhou claims that she received unwanted text messages from him three times, and he reportedly sent similar ones to her co-workers.

Wang, who happens to be Zhoy’s boss has been immediately sacked after the incident.

According to The Independent, Zhou filed a police report about her boss last week, and the authorities were allegedly looking into her report before the video of her went viral.


Several social media users have commended her bravery and her demand for justice.

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That serves the randy boss right.

This is just a lady who knows her self-worth and has a zero-tolerance. She is not like some other ladies who will jump at the slightest opportunity to sleep with their boss just to keep a job. Weldone Zhou.

Check the video below.


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