Watch The Moment President Joe Biden Called Nigerian Family To Thank Them For Their Support (Video)

Only few people would recognize your contribution to their success. Even some family members and close friends hardly appreciate your kind gestures or the sacrifices you did for them to achieve victory.

In a video which has gone viral, the United States President; Joe Biden put a surprise call through to a Nigerian family to thank them for their support during his presidential campaign.

In the video which lasted for 2minutes, Josephine, her little sister and her father, who are from Ibadan, in Oyo state, Nigeria spoke to President Joe Biden in a very composed manner.

President Biden who sounded humble and friendly, praised Josephine for her intelligence and even cracked jokes with her. He also spoke to Josephine’s younger sister and their father. Biden thanked them for their support towards having him elected as the 46th US president.

The Dad was blushing and the daughter is more composed. I guess it should be the other way round. The Dad had that “that is my daughter” smile on his face.

For President Biden to call people who contributed even just small donations to his campaign and victory, is really commendable and very thoughtful of him.

Watch the video below.

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