Watch As Elon Musk’s Starship Rocket Blows Up After Landing

For the third time, Elon Musk’s Starship rocket soared flawlessly into the sky in a high-altitude test blast-off on Wednesday but it blows up after landing.

The spacecraft blew itself to pieces about eight minutes after the touchdown.

The Starship SN8, which is the first prototype to fly in a high-altitude test launch, met a similar fate in December. Just like the S8, the Starship SN9 which was launched in February also blew upon its final descent. It was a test model of the heavy-lift rocket being developed by billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk’s private space company to carry humans and 100 tonnes of cargo on future missions to the moon and Mars.

The Starship SN10 achieve the first upright landing for a Starship model as it came far closer to achieving a safe, vertical touchdown than two previous models; SN8 and SN9. The outcome is a mixed news for Musk who is also a SpaceX founder and CEO of the electric carmaker Tesla Inc.

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While responding to a congratulatory tweet from an admirer of his work, Musk replied, “RIP SN10, honorable discharge.”

The video feed provided by SpaceX on the company’s YouTube channel cut off moments after the landing. But separate fan feeds streamed over the same social media platform showed an explosion suddenly erupting at the base of the rocket, hurling the SN10 into the air before it crashed to the ground and became engulfed in flames.

The complete Starship rocket, which will stand 394-feet (120 metres) tall when mated with its super-heavy first-stage booster, is SpaceX’s next-generation fully reusable launch vehicle – the center of Musk’s ambitions to make human space travel more affordable and routine.

A first orbital Starship flight is planned for year’s end. Musk has said he intends to fly Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa around the moon with the Starship in 2023. The rocket system is partially funded by NASA and could end up being offered to the US military anytime.

Take a look at the video below.

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