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Update: Rita Edochie Finally Forgives Ada Jesus, Warns Against Defaming Others

Nollywood actress; Rita Edochie has finally forgiven Ada Jesus.

So it took a lot of tongue lashing and the intervention of social media before she could forgive.

Ada Jesus has been down with kidney failure and some other undisclosed sickness which the report says has defiled medical attention which prompted her and her family to go to Prophet Odumeje and Rita Edochie to beg for forgiveness.

However, help is on her way as we learned that some organizations want to sponsor her to India for treatment.

Rita Edochie may have forgiven her but the harsh words she spoke in anger while inside the church is what most people can’t comprehend.

Seeing Ada Jesus in that critical condition and has a mother vehemently saying she won’t forgive her and that she will not survive the sickness has already been recorded for Edochie in the hearts of many. She forgot that God forgives all wrongs and only He has the power of life and death.


We all know that forgiveness comes from the heart and not through influence or social media. It has to come from the heart, you have to let go and move on. You don’t have to show- off before you forgive. You don’t have to bring out what happened in the past as evidence of forgiveness.

True forgiveness is when you get rid of or avoid talking about the past and demonstrating your expression of love.

This should serve as a lesson to many that character defamation is a very serious issue. Every negative action has consequences.

Do not defame. Do not say things you are not sure of.

Here is a video from Rita Edochie.

Seeing the condition of that girl is enough for you to 4give her

Only God knows the truth and I pray he exposes what we can’t see
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