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The Infinite Mercy of God!

The Infinite Mercy of God!

Mercy! Mercy is one of the most powerful acts that any human being can possess. It gives one the ability to show kindness, compassion, and even forgiveness. It is juxtaposed with justice. While justice gives the other his/her “due” out of love and uprightness, mercy is the love that is given the other in an “unmerited way.”

Who is the One that embodies and exemplifies this great and powerful act of love? The Bible is replete with God’s act of mercy towards us His creatures. When our first parents sinned against God and were banished from the garden of Eden, God’s love moved Him to show mercy on them and seek to redeem them from their sin. We sin and do things that we are not proud of but God’s love always moves Him to have mercy on us so far as we ask for it, as the Bible reminds us.

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God says, cut off from me you can do nothing. Apart from God’s mercy, life is hopeless and can be frustrating. God is love itself and mercy par-excellence. His mercy is infinite and no one can exhaust it. There is no limit to how many times we can ask for His mercy. It would not make sense if He who told us to forgive seventy times seven times would count how many times we ask for His forgiveness and mercy. The concept of “seventy times seven times” is that you would lose count at a point and so, do not count but keep forgiving.

Our God is a God of infinite mercy and boundless love. Remember the song, “The steadfastness of the Lord never ceases, His mercy never comes to an end. They are new every morning…great is thy faithful oh Lord….”


King David, the man after God’s own heart in the Bible asked for God’s mercy in Psalm 51 and God forgave him even though his sin was great. There is no sin too great that God’s mercy cannot forgive. There is no situation too hopeless and difficult that God’s infinite mercy cannot change and make better. Approach God’s throne of mercy with faith and confidence and ask Him to bless your day, your endeavors, and all you do, for He alone has the fullness of this powerful act that anyone can possess.

God of mercy and compassion, look with pity upon me…Jesus, Lord, I ask for your mercy upon me, my family, friends, and loved ones. Amen!

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