Suicide: Princess Shyngle Rushed To Hospital In An Ambulance

It’s a common fact all around the world that women are more likely to be diagnosed with depression and some of them choose to attempt suicide as a way out. Controversial actress; Princess Shyngle has been rushed to the hospital in an ambulance after she made another attempt to take her life.

A medical report shared online shows the substances she consumed in her attempt to end her life.

“Depression is real. I gat this,” she captioned the video shared online with her on a hospital bed.

Princess Shyngle previously attempted suicide in 2018. She was rescued by a neighbor and rushed to a hospital in Lekki, Lagos, after taking an overdose of medication.

She was said to have reportedly drank bleach in an attempt to end her life.

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Suicide is a major public health problem and a leading cause of death in the United States. The effects of suicide go beyond the person who acts to take his or her life. It always have a lasting effect on family members, friends, and loved ones.

We say No To Suicide. It’s not an option and it’s never a solution.

If you know someone or you have warning signs of depression and you are contemplating suicide, please speak to someone today and get help right away.

We wish Shyngle a quick recovery and we hope she never attempts suicide again who knows what may happen next.


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