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Stop Mocking People With Language Accent Says Paul Okoye

Stop Mocking People With Language Accent Says Paul Okoye

Everyone ought to take pride in speaking their local accent irrespective of their educational background. Just because you speak English with a mixed local accent doesn’t mean you are a write-off.

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Popular Nigerian Singer; Paul Okoye has joined the growing numbers of those kicking against mocking people with accents. He said those who mock Nigerians because of the accent are illiterates. He said this via his Instastories today April 5, Paul wrote:

” Pls ooh…If they say you sound igbotic, yorubatic, hausatic, or however you sound, pls be proud of it…you see those people who think you are illiterate when you sound like that…they are the real illiterate. There is nothing in their coconut head.”

I think he is right because I feel it is wrong for you to make gest of someone because of the way they express themselves. We must learn to encourage them to speak up rather than discouraging them.


When you laugh, be sure to laugh at what people do and not at their speech.
Nobody is perfect and nobody deserves to be perfect.

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