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Relationships: Who Or What Is The Enemy Here?

 In our society today, there are a lot of people living with a very heavy and burdened heart. This is not necessarily due to the loss of a loved one or unbearable hurt or ungranted favors, you name it. This time I am speaking of little and minute things that often get looked over but in reality, are stumbling blocks and eventually can threaten a relationship. These do not necessarily have to be in the other in whom you are into a relationship, they can equally be in you. For today, let us look at those you can and need to work on in yourself if you are experiencing a heavy and burdened heart due to your relationship.

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The following are what consensus has discovered to be enemies and threats to a good relationship:

1. Pride
2. Suspicion and skepticism
3. Absence of trust
4. Keeping secrets
5. Lies and fabrications
6. Unnecessary argument and nagging
7. Unforgiveness
8. Unrestrained temperament
9. Laziness
10. Lack of bonding time

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While I do not intend to necessarily place these in order, either one can lead to the other and really, once any is present, watch out for the others. Consider and examine yourself, search yourself and know your heart. You alone can do this.

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Are all of these or some present in you? Yes, it can be the fault of the other, but you can choose to react in a different way. How can you do this? Please read our article on “Anxiety.” Choose to not entertain any of these, get rid of them and you can be in your relationship with light and joy-filled heart.


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