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Relationship Booster Or Destroyer – Lack Of Money vs Lack Of Love

Relationship Booster Or Destroyer

In today’s world, money is like the air some people breathe. Ayn Rand will always say that money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver.

It’s good to have money but there are things money can’t buy one of them is ❤️❤️ for most people. I’m one of those few.

I honestly believe that happiness is not in the mere possession of money, it simply lies in the joy of achievement and success.

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You can only be accomplished at something you love and cherish. Life without love is like a tree without fruits and love is the bee that carries the pollen from one heart to another.

I believe that lack of love breaks a relationship faster in the sense that if there is love and there is no money, you both will be there for each other and you will be optimistic that things will change for the better.

Money has a key role it plays in a relationship. I honestly respect the fact that each individual has their relationship preference. I will go for true love, not an assumed, one-sided or fake love first before thinking of money because I’m hardworking and quite independent. I do love my man to take care of me though, within his capacity.

Money makes the love sweeter but the foundation of the relationship should not be built on money. It should not be your priority but love and how well both of you understand each other, your view on life, intellectual capacity, and others.

Please share your views with me on those things you believe are relationship boosters or breakers.

Thank you!!!


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