Queen Elizabeth II Bans Military Uniform For Royals At Prince Philip’s Funeral

Following the debate about whether Prince Harry and Prince Andrew can wear military uniforms at the burial of the Duke of Edinburgh, Queen Elizabeth II has ordered that no royal should wear a military uniform for the Duke’s burial.

A reliable source involved in planning for Saturday’s funeral claims the Queen personally stepped in to suggest all senior male royals wear suits and ties.

This comes amid speculation that Prince Harry and Andrew were to be the only family member not wearing a military uniform.

Her Majesty is wonderful at doing what is best for her family and country. As diplomatic as always, she has saved Prince Harry the humiliation of being the only senior male in the royal family who won’t wear the military uniform after losing his honorary ranks.

Harry, who served in the Army for a decade, was stripped of his three military titles when he dramatically quit royal duties with his wife Meghan.

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Also, there was serious debate about whether Prince Andrew should be allowed to wear his Admiral uniform since he’s been implicated in the scandal involving convicted pedophile Jeffrey Eastern.

While Andrew has lost many of his charitable patronages, he has not been stripped of his military positions and titles yet, unlike Prince Harry.

In order to present a united family during the funeral, Royals will only wear a suit with medals.


A military source told The Sun: “It’s the most eloquent solution to the problem.”

A source told the Mirror: ‘Despite everything that has gone on and the wounds are still pretty raw, everyone is hoping any disputes will be parked for another day. This is about giving the Duke the send-off he deserves surrounded by his family.’

This is a very sensible decision. The Queen would have decided to allow those who are entitled to wear a uniform, wear it and let those who have been denied the right feel it and feel what they have done to the reputation of the Monarchy and the country but she didn’t.

It’s the Prince Philips funeral and yet the Queen has to go through all this extra stress. God bless the Queen.

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