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Nollywood Actor; Wole Ojo, Blast Relationship Advisers

There are too many broken and bitter people out there dishing out relationship advice to people.

You cannot give what you don’t have, neither can you advise on a good relationship when have never experienced one. Most advice from a single person to a married person never ends well.

Nollywood actor; Wole Ojo, can’t deal with the increasing number of relationships advisers everywhere. He thinks that advisers should have at least 10 years of experience in a relationship before dishing out relationship advice.

The actor pointed out that there are now too many people giving relationship advice and most of them have no experience in the area.

He wrote on his Instagram page;

“be successful at it 1st! At least over 10 years then come back and talk! And if yours was horrible, share a humbling experience to educate people on how not to do it, not come online to spew bitterness! I SAID WHAT I SAID!”

In as much as what Wole said is right but we think it’s not entirely true. Advice is sometimes susceptible to wisdom, critical thinking, and knowledge of a subject matter.

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