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New Year Resolution Tracker


My people let’s talk.
We all know that at the beginning of the year just like every other year, some of us made what we call new year resolutions or plans for the year. Some people call it planning while some call it new year resolution. So what’s the progress so far? Let’s track it. How did you list your plans? Did you list measurable goals? What I mean by measurable is that at different intervals you can measure your progress because part of the planning or making a new resolution is about saying, this is what I would have done or this is what I will not have done to either determine if am successful at what I have chosen to do or otherwise. Take for instance someone that spends 10 to 12 hours daily on social media and maybe this prevents you from achieving other success in your life and you need to cut down on your social media activities. If you say I need to cut down on my social media activities, that is not a measurable plan. But if you say am going to cut down on my social media activities by 6 hours a day, am only allowed to spend 1 to 6 hours on my social media daily, that is a plan. The next step could be what I will spend the 6 hours I have saved doing. Maybe reading, researching some aspect of life that I need more knowledge on before the year runs out. This is one of the ways to determine that my new year resolution is progressing successfully.
We are in February now, and it’s going to be ending this week precisely on Sunday. So how has your plan been going? For me, I make quarterly plans, this enables me to be able to track my plans quarterly. Some people make monthly plans which are not bad as long as your plans are measurable. So if your plans were not measurable, it is time to assign some measures to them so that you can track them. You can track them and be able to determine if you are successful at carrying them out or not. Here is one thing we can do, it’s time to revisit our plans. If you have not been able to start any of your plans, it’s still okay, there is still time for you to do that. They say a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. Dear readers, we need you to revisit your new year plans to assign a measure to enable you to track your plans for the year.
We don’t want you to end another year without achieving your goals, we don’t want you to end this year and say I had plans but I didn’t track them. ‘I don’t even know if I did well or not’. So let’s start by revisiting those plans, assign values. If you are a student planning to write an exam, you can maybe plan to study for 14 hours weekly. That is, two hours daily could be a success criterion for that purpose. So in a week if I can do my self-development studying for 14 hours, then I know that the week has been successful. If I miss doing it for 2 hours that means am adding two hours to my next week. Holding oneself accountable is another way to make sure that one is disciplined towards doing the right thing. Let’s assign values to our plans. It could be that I have not been sleeping well at night because I spend my night worrying over something I have not achieved, going forward am going to intentionally close my eyes each night, thank God for what I have, and sleep. My success criteria are going to be that I sleep well every night consecutively or you could say, am going to try to sleep three-nights without worrying for the first quarter. In the second quarter, I will go to five nights without worrying, and in the third quarter of the year, I will go to sleep seven nights a week without worrying and I will do more of being grateful.

So my dearest ones, let’s assign a tracker to our yearly plan and if we have not set up one yet, Guess what??? It’s not too late but remember, we need to plan ‘coz there is a saying that, “he who fails to plan, plans to fail”. We can’t just live our lives without planning.
We love❤️❤️ you guys so much and we just want to make sure that you are doing well so if you don’t have a plan yet it’s time to start to make one. If you have a plan, and you have been tracking it, please share with us how well you have been doing with your new year’s resolution tracking.

Thank You!!!

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