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Music Producer; Ubi Franklin Dishes Out Advice To Men Who Are Mocking Him

Popular and influential music executive; Ubi Franklin is advising young men to learn from his mistake rather than making jest of him.

Recently there has been an online tussle between Ubi, his third baby Sandra Iheuwa and his current girlfriend, Renee 5 Star.

It all started with Sandra throwing shades on social media at an unnamed person before she eventually came out to openly drag Ubi’s current girlfriend, Renee 5 Star.

According to Sandra, she said she had never fought over a used man in her life and she dared Renee to mention her name in her post if she was bold enough to face her.

Renee on the other hand had made a post where she accused someone of trying to use her name for clout chasing because she is a boss chic.

In her post, she said: ‘Na hot we hot, we no kee person.’ She went ahead to advise the person she was shading to free her because she wasn’t the one who rejected her.

Sandra who felt that the post was directed to her accused Renee of creating a fake page to troll her children. The angry baby mama even took things as far as cursing Renee that she will be barren for life.

We guess Ubi Franklin has realized the mistakes he made in the past and that is why he is advising young men to discipline themselves and be contented with what they have.

He wrote;

“Dear Young Tigers Rather than laugh at me today, learn from my mistakes.
One reason you are alive to read this is that God has kept me as a sacrificial lamb for you to learn from the mistake a young man can make in life.
Never condone any toxic behavior around you.

Learn from this.”

He continues, “Dear ladies, feminism is not hated towards men.
If a woman is the wrong call her bluff and keeps it going, this is the height of irresponsibility and demonic manipulation.”

To live fully in the present, and adequately plan for the future, we need to learn from this experience. May God help us in making good decisions in life.



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