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Monday Motivation – Walk by faith and not by sight

Monday Motivation – Walk by faith and not by sight.

Whether we constantly face embarrassment or we live as shining stars is a function of our ignorance or knowledge of what to do. All problems can be solved if only we know exactly what to do, and only God knows where the fish with the golden coin in her mouth resides.

If God could put money in the mouth of a fish to deliver to Peter, then it goes to show that when God is involved, anything can become your ATM. But be careful that when He says to you to go with a hook, that you do not go with a net. Be careful also to take the money and save the fish alive. God will lead you to places and bring opportunities your way but never kill the fish that served you today because you are not the only one she was designed to serve.

As we begin this new month, we must learn to follow those inward promptings in our spirits even when our steps of faith are completely out of the sense realm. Just as it didn’t make sense for God to send money to Peter through a fish, so God could choose to use the little, despised and unlikely elements around you to meet your needs. And if for any reason doubts, unbelief and fear begin to creep in, remember always that we walk by faith and not by sight.

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