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Monday Motivation – Truth

Truth is revolutionary and only the bold has the capacity to handle it. It is injurious to the ego of the proud and resentful to men of inflated personality. Truth is constant; it is what it is irrespective of who said it. Whether it comes from the boss or from your subordinate; from your friends or from your enemies, character entails that we are able to separate the truth from the vessel that bears it.

Everything in life is judged against the truth and the irony of life is that the truth we reject today waits to judge us tomorrow. Each and every time men rebel against the truth, they passively defend a lie; they are ignorant of the reality that we cannot truly transit into a more progressive and productive life if we have the love for falsehood tightly bound to our hearts.

This a new week and we are encouraged to train ourselves to be at home with the truth. This is because, to build a better society, we must develop the capacity to embrace the truth even when it hurts.

Good morning and stay motivated💪

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