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Managing Relationships

Relationships, they say, could be sweet at the beginning, middle, in the end, or sweet all through.

Some people are professionals when it has to do with love, dating, and marriage. Not because they are the best set of people on earth, but for some reason, they are just skilled to manage their relationships very well.

Some other people, though might be good but they still don’t understand how to manage relationships, and as tough as it is they are not able to get partners that understand them and are willing to go all the way with them. Accepting them and helping them to manage and keep one and then it becomes tough.

Am just wondering today what my readers out there think about this, and I need your inputs. What makes the difference between those people that knows how to manage their relationship very well and those that have not been able to? Is it upbringing? Is it the circle of friends? Is it personality traits? What exactly is it? Or could it be based on how sociable one is or one is highly religious? These are the questions that kind of flood my mind. So what makes the difference?

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I know that there has been a lot of relationship experts out there trying to teach people how best to manage relationship but you and I know that no two relationships are alike and what works for one relationship may not work in another relationship.

So tell me, a lot of people out there needs this answer to the question of “How To Manage Relationships” though there are relationships out there that you think is so perfect, they are not as perfect as they look or seem when you get closer or take a closer look.

So, my guess is this, is it that people that put their hearts into a relationship find it more difficult to manage it than when you are managing it with your head? because I have seen a lot of brilliant people who can manage every aspect of their life, their finances, their career, etc but when it comes to relationships, it’s just not the same thing.

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So now, the question is, is it that they can use their brain to manage these other aspects of their life, and how to manage relationships is different? Will it be easier managing relationships with one’s head than the heart?

We know that there are great people out there that have had fantastic relationships or still have one. we can’t dispute that. We will appreciate your feedback on this.

So tell us how to best manage relationships and for those that are struggling with relationships, what exactly is it that makes you struggle, what do you think could make a difference in a relationship, and does falling in love make it more difficult to manage relationships or not falling in love.

Our readers out there, please contribute, we need your input to move ahead on this.

Thank you

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