Lady Gaga Wow Everyone As She Sings The National Anthem At Joe Biden’s Inauguration

It’s a grand day and it’s a wonderful day in the history of the United States of America. The historic moment of unity and hope.

American singer; Lady Gaga held everyone’s attention at the inauguration as she sang the National Anthem in the most angelic voice that brought joyful tears to many.

The Rock Star graced the podium in a red and black gown with smiles on her face as she sang the American National anthem.

“Singing the National Anthem for the American People is my honor,” she said.

With this heartfelt performance by Lady Gaga, the rendition of the National Anthem will make many not forget today’s historic event.

What a performance! Phenomenal, Beautiful, and Awesome is the best word to describe it.

In case you missed it, we got you covered.

God bless America!

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