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Kanye West Launches Yeezy Academy For Kids

American rapper and music producer; Kanye West has launched his Yeezy Christian Academy. He announced the news on Twitter with a video featuring young members of the academy: his kids North West and Saint West, nephew Mason Disick and niece Penelope Disick. Chanting“Dear Future, I still believe in you.”

“Dear Future, I still believe in you. We still believe in you. We believe in our families,” the children state throughout the video. “In our future, we will heal. Our future has homes for everyone. Our future has food for everyone. Our future has love. Jesus loves everyone. Let’s lead with love! Our future is waiting on us!”

A press release for the academy describes it as Kanye’s “latest initiative for education,” and doesn’t reveal other details. In the video, the kids all wear the same YCA-emblazoned blue T-shirts and appear to be in the same space with blue walls.


— ye (@kanyewest) October 29, 2020

The release also says “the video demonstrates the responsibility citizens hold for the future of children in America.”

Kanye West is getting into the education game and we are pretty sure he will do well. Good job Kanye!

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