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#JusticeForIjeoma: Murdered Makeup Artist Was Mercy Eke’s Coursemate

How humans willfully take another person’s life doesn’t just cease to baffle me.

Two siblings, Chiamaka Ifezue, 26, and Chukwuemeka Ifezue, 21, have been arrest for the murder of a young make-up artiste; Miss Ijeoma Nweke. This gruesome murder has ignited lots of outrage from people on different social media platforms, hence a hashtag, #JusticeForIjeoma was created.

Big Brother Naija reality star; Mercy Eke has joined those mourning makeup artist; Ijeoma Nweke, who was allegedly killed after she was lured out under the pretense she was needed for a makeup job.

Mercy, who called for Ijeoma’s killers to be brought to face the law, revealed that the deceased was her coursemate in the university. Mercy tweeted:

“Ijeoma Nweke was my coursemate a very brilliant young woman, she graduated with a 2/1. Ijeoma was one of the best in my department( psychology Dept .2010/2014) we always tease each other and I will tell her “girl you must work in my rehabilitation center #JusticeForIjeoma.”

“And she will say Mercy this department doesn’t fit you and we will laugh over it. When I heard she was missing we hoped and prayed they find her alive. My heart is pleading we want justice, justice must be served #JusticeForIjeoma.”

According to reports obtained from PulseNG, Ijeoma went missing last November in Enugu and was later found dead.

Chiamaka Ifezue conspired with her brother; Emeka Ifezue, to kill 27years old Ijeoma for allegedly having an affair with her boyfriend.

Chiamaka allegedly lured Ijeoma by inviting her for a makeup job. On getting there and suspecting foul play, Ijeoma quickly sent a message to a friend, before being forced to drink poison. Both siblings forced Ijeoma to drink a poisonous substance and, thereafter, poured corrosive acid chemical all over her body which led to her death.

Oh…what a sad end! How can a man help his sister kill another just because she is dating his sister’s boyfriend? Why didn’t he discourage his sister from such an evil act?

Truly, the hearts of men are desperately wicked.

Sometimes ladies are just too desperate when it comes to issues of men. The things ladies do just because they want a man is shocking. Isn’t there more to life than looking for a boyfriend/husband?

Rest in Peace, Ijeoma, and our deepest condolence to your family.


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