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Here Is Why Prophet Odumeje & Rita Edochie Refuses To Forgive Ada Jesus

Here Is Why Prophet Odumeje & Rita Edochie Refused To Forgive Ada Jesus


Most celebrities who seek fame just come online to chase clout and troll on popular individuals to gather likes and more followers to their social media pages.

Popular Nigerian pastor; Prophet Odumeje & Nollywood actress; Rita Edochie have refused to forgive Ada Jesus after she was taken to Odumeje’s church to seek forgiveness over false accusations she made in December 2020 against the duo.

Ada Jesus whose real name is Mercy Cynthia Ginikachukwu has been sick for months and her health has deteriorated as her illness is said to have failed all medical intervention.

Ada in a quest to make money through social media likes and comments has stepped on the wrong toes and she is being carried to various persons she has offended during her fearless rants, accusations, and criticism on her Facebook and Instagram pages.

In a video making rounds, Ada was taken to an herbalist identified as Chi Marine Temple Chief Priest who she equally abused and accused to seek forgiveness.

He forgave Ada, gave her money, and also reversed the curses he laid on her.

Ada Jesus who now suffers from a stroke and kidney failure was later taken to Prophet Odumeje’s church to seek forgiveness after she accused the prophet in a Facebook video post of performing fake miracles through some people. The comedian claims the Pastor worked with her in arranging fake miracles and that Rita told her to help get men to date.

This video was watched by over 90 thousand viewers on Facebook.

It’s not wise to abuse people online, they see all these kinds of stuff and get hurt. It’s over 4months since the incident happened and now Odumeje is venting all his anger. He claims his reputation and that of Rita Edochie were tampered with and he is deeply bruised.

She was brought to the church by her family members and husband to ask for forgiveness. They are still begging Prophet Odumeje and Rita Edochie but yet they have refused to forgive her as Rita said Ada Jesus almost crashed her marriage with her false accusations.

In life, you don’t toil with people’s image, and their names even. Always know your limit, you don’t know how the other party sees your opinions and the effects it has on them.

Ada can no longer talk or walk and the angry Prophet and Rita are insisting that she won’t be forgiven until she brings all those people she claims came to his church for fake miracles or else he will destroy her and her generation.

Hhmmm….this is really tough!

As painful as false accusations can be, “to
err is human they say, to forgive is divine”.
However, there are some incident that happens and you will have to stop and have a moment of truth that we all are human, and as such, you should reconsider forgiveness.

What is your opinion on this issue involving Prophet Odumeje and Actress Rita Edochie refusing to forgive Comedienne Ada Jesus?

You can watch the video of sick Ada Jesus lying on the church floor below and leave us your comment.

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