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God’s Blessings Is Upon You; Fear Not

Often, I have come to realize that the natural man is always afraid. Most especially me, I am always afraid of one thing or the other. Likewise, some people are afraid of people harming them or perhaps they feel something terrible is coming their way. Some people are also afraid of death. Some are just afraid of everything, what they will eat, drink, wear, what the future holds. All their thoughts are filled with fear. Some people are afraid of traveling by air, some by water or even land. It’s so funny that some people are afraid of all the means of transportation. Then how do they intend to travel to their destinations?

God is assuring us today that we should fear not for he is with us to impact the grace and strength we need to face all circumstances of life. He is our shield, protector, sustainer, and provider. God will direct all our paths in life if we invite him and make him our partner.

Fear not, because God is a covenant-keeping God. He does exactly what he says he will do and he can never fail us. He is the God from the beginning to the end. There is no one like him.

Thank You, Jesus

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