Fight Talk: Tyson Fury To Anthony Joshua: “If You Make It Pass 3rd Round I’ll Quit” (Video)

We all know that Tyson Fury is a mean fighter. He is not known to have ever failed on his words and this time he has a called out Anthony Joshua about their upcoming match. In the video posted online, the champion; Tyson Fury called Anthony Joshua 

“Useless duffer”, “big ugly shit house” etc

He said he’s going to smash his face as there is nothing Anthony Joshua would do about it. And he promised the fight will not make it into the fourth round, one way or another.

Fury said:

“While I’m on a rant, I may as well call out one more person; AJ big useless dosser, not a real fighting man, hype job, bodybuild, crossfit, big, ugly s***house.

“And that’s Anthony Joshua. AJ, if you’re out there let’s make this fight happen you big dosser, you big s***house, bum dosser.

“I’m going to smash your face in too, and there’s not one thing you can do about it. Prove me wrong sucker, prove me wrong.

“I’m No1, numero uno.”

Fury then added: “Just been thinking, another message for AJ; AJ, if you go past three rounds with me, I’ll quit in the corner.

“Because that’s how confident I am of taking you cold out in the first two, three rounds. Out, like a light switch.”

Joshua, 31, and Fury, 32, signed to fight each other in March, with promoters left to agree a date and venue.

AJ’s backer Eddie Hearn revealed both champions had agreed a site deal, believed to be Saudi Arabia, with three weekend spots to choose from.

But Fury’s US promoter Bob Arum threw doubt over the unification, claiming to have not spoke to Hearn for weeks.

The Matchroom Boxing boss was quick to fire back, as he insisted it was all part of Arum’s plan to pile the pressure on.

Hearn told The Mirror: “Bob is trying to put pressure on, that’s how he works.

“He will think it’s a bit slow now, give an interview thinking it will speed up the Middle East.

“We don’t need to play that game, everybody’s on board, let’s just go through the process correctly.

“Time is of the essence and if we got into a situation where the site agreement wasn’t signed in less than a week, we would have to start looking at things.

“But no-one has a plan B, which is a good sign. Bob may talk about Tyson fighting Wilder, but he ain’t going to fight Wilder, it’s a nothing fight.

“I don’t have other plans, normally I have plan A, B and C, but it’s all about this fight and it will happen.”

Tyson Fury seems to be in a panic mood and he keeps covering it with his rant and hype, from his last match with Weilder he has been taunting AJ nonstop.

Meanwhile, contracts have been signed for the undisputed clash, but a site deal must still be agreed. The possible dates – per promoters Hearn and Bob Arum – are:

Saturday July 24
Saturday July 31
Saturday August 7
The pair would then likely rematch before the end of 2021 – likely in November or December.

The actual start time for the bout is likely to be primetime in the UK and early evening in the United States.

With the site deal offers for their fight, Saudi Arabia is currently the clear favorite.



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