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FEMINISM.. Ebbie’s View

Feminism: the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. (Google search).

You see what I did there, I had to look up the actual meaning of “feminism” on google to get an accurate definition, because the orientation some people have of feminism and “feminists” in particular right now, is wayy off. Mostly because of how “social media feminists” portray the idea.

Now, what feminism really is, or what it ought to be. It is basically advocating for equity between men and women, especially regarding human rights. For example: Equity in the workplace (some positions in certain organisations or institutions are for men only, however, women can perform the job as well and can probably do even better). Equity as regards education and schooling (in some communities, females aren’t allowed to go to school or get any proper education, rather the males do). Equity of treatment as well.

Pro tip: why can’t there be more female presidents? ? according to statistics, countries with female presidents have better impact than during the male’s tenure.

Now, I’ll present my view about the whole feminism ideology. The idea of seeking for equity for paramount necessities like; education and employment are very ideal and good. Nevertheless, the whole idea of wanting to be equal to a man as a woman (ideology of some feminists), I do not totally agree.

I believe the early/first feminists, solely wanted equal rights with men, regarding necessities for living. But, some individuals reconstructed the whole concept to a situation where women want to be equal to men. Somehow, it has even developed to means or tool for expressing hate and bitterness towards the male folk.

I am trying to correct this misconception. Whatever means to promote hate or degradation of males is NOT feminism. Trying to be equal to males as a female, in any way except for equity regarding human rights is NOT feminism.

First and foremost, physically and mentally women do not have the same biological composition as men. We were created to be different from the man. It is this difference that creates the balance. Hence, equality shouldn’t be our goal, rather unity and cooperation.

Genesis 2: 18-22
God made the woman out of the man.
Now, God had created all the creatures and it was good. However, Adam needed a helper . God put Adam to sleep then took out one of his ribs and created Eve, the woman.

See here, we were the last of God’s creations, God took His time to create the woman, and she was created for a purpose, to be the man’s helper (not his equal).

Remember, Genesis 2:7; God formed man from dust. Moreover, He formed woman from bone (rib).
Women were created with a stronger element, thus, Woman is stronger. A woman is powerful and willful! Imagine all the things women go through, from painful monthly cycles to pregnancy to birthing to societal pressures to Home management, truly Women have super powers (divine strength) that enable us to be man’s helper.

How do you, Strong and Purposefully desinged by God, want to become equal to the man?

Women are incubators (Myles Munroe said). You give a woman a house, she gives you a home, you give her sperm, she gives you a child, you give her groceries, she gives you a meal. Woman has multiplying powers. Woman possesses emotions and sensitivity, you’ll think it’s a disadvantage, ha.. no! It’s a benefit; specially for discernment amongst other things.

We have too much to offer and be grateful to God for than to aspire to be equal to the man. We would be questioning God’s purpose if we want to become equal to the man.

Still, I stand to be corrected at any point. Please drop a comment or suggestion on what you think and let’s rub minds. I’ll be very glad to hear your thoughts.

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