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Fact Or Trash: “N4.6M School Fees Is Cheap. I Pay More For My 3-Year-Old”; Says, IROKO TV Boss

CEO of IROKO TV; Jason Njoku said school fees of 4.6 million Naira is cheap and that he pays more for his 3-year-old.

This is a response he gave on Twitter to a post shared online by a Twitter user. The Twitter user had shared a copy of a provisional bill for a secondary boarding school in Epe, Lagos State, with school fees of 4,643, 901 Naira.

The Twitter user wrote, asking;

“This is a really good school. But guys, is this fee actually worth it?”

Jason Njoku, who has 3 children, responded:

“Most Nigerians don’t realize but most things in Nigeria are actually super cheap by African (forget global standards). For Tier 1 education in Africa (forget about globally) this for boarding school is cheap. I pay more for my 3-year olds Montessori school.”

This is such an insensitive statement on a platform where many Nigerians are. More than half of the population of Nigerian live below $1, some can’t even eat 3 square meals daily.

You pay more for a 3-year old in Nigeria but the fact that you can afford more than a 4.6million for your child’s school fees doesn’t make it cheap.

4.6million is way overboard for millions of Nigerians.

What do you think about Jason’s comments? Do you think paying such an amount for the school fees of a three-year-old in Nigeria is worth it? Do you think his comment is irrelevant or he should have just overlooked the post?

Please share your thoughts with us. We will like to know if this comment is a Fact or Trash.

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