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Expectations From Our Loved Ones

Expectations from our loved ones affect the ways we react to certain happenings. I was listening to a sermon sometime again, I remember the priest was talking about how to get over the hurts from people. One of the things he talked about was that most times we get hurt because our expectations are not being meant. that one way to deal with not feeling hurt all the time from people especially our loved ones is for one not to expect so much from people. When you go to someone, you should have a mindset that it is either going to be a Yes or a No. If it is a relationship, it’s either going to work or not work, if it is a job interview, I can get this job or not get the job. 

We should always prepare our minds for whatever the answer is going to be, and be willing to live through it. He used the scenario of his friends always coming around to ask him if he could go play football with them and he has to always get permission from his dad. Initially, he goes to his dad with lots of expectations but dad always says no and he will be so hurt and most times his dad will not even look up at him before saying no. He faces his newspaper and says no and that hurts his feelings for so many years.
One time, his cousin came to visit, they were on holiday. He was fond of playing with his cousin and his friends came again and said to him, “let’s go play football and that day he didn’t feel like going to play football with his friends because he was enjoying playing with his cousin and so he told his friends that my dad is going to say no and I don’t want to go talk to him and he will say no, but his friends insisted he should go and try because sometimes his dad says yes.
They said, “he might be in a good mood and say yes. so go ask him”. He reluctantly went because he didn’t want to hurt his friends’ feelings. He looked at his cousin who he was enjoying playing with but went to his dad. Previously he goes to his dad with expectations that his dad might say yes to him all the time but most times his dad says no and that hurts him so much that and he wonders why his dad was mean to him.
This time, he went but he expected that his dad was going to say no because he wants to play with his cousin so he went to his dad and his dad said no and he smiled to himself and ran so fast and said to his friends, “guys go go go, go and play your football, my dad says no”. And his friends were looking at him like what’s exciting about your dad saying no to you this time, they didn’t understand. His friends turned away to go play their football, he jumped at his cousin and they continued playing and he was so happy. He learned one great lesson that day that he expected that his dad should say yes to him that hurts not his answer. He wondered for so long why his dad would not say yes. That was hurting him not the actions.

So my dearest readers, what are your expectations from your loved ones? Let’s work on our expectations and manage them well and also know that it could be a yes or a no so that we don’t live a life carrying on so much hurtful feelings. Life is too short so let’s live for today.
Alright, Guys would you like to share with us how you felt when your expectations weren’t meant at any point? We love to hear about it.

Thank You!!!

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