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In  The Death Of Christ I Live

Happy Easter beloved reader ❤️ my mom always say the best celebration of the year is Easter, because it’s the completion of what Christ came to accomplish on earth. I just took her word for it at the time, however, as I grew in my faith and relationship with Christ, Easter began to have a deeper message.

Dearly beloved, I need you to visualize this, Jesus came to the earth a man through and through, no extra special powers because He’s the Son of God or anything. He came as flesh and blood whole (John 1: ** )

He showed forth the character of God, true Love and Light. Hence, since He could live as such, a man through and through, we can do it also. At least it what’s expected from a Christian, to be ‘Christ-like’. We can live upon this earth, distinctively like Christ did. Holy, full of grace and truth, pure love, kindness, gentleness, meekness, self control, faithfulness. It’s not something we are trying to accomplish or a fear we’re struggling to attain. We literally have it in us (just like peak would say 😉).
Jesus died so we could have life eternal, life abundant! He died, He rose again, we believe, we have the Holy Ghost! We have the life of Jesus.

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Now, we aren’t living under our old identity anymore. We made new, we were made whole for good works. Good works aren’t the prerequisite for salvation, on the contrary it’s the direct result of salvation.
You were saved by grace through faith, not of your own works lest any man should boast, so you can go ahead and walk as Christ walked upon the earth. Why can you be Christ-like? How can I be Christian?
I have the fullness of Christ resident in my heart forever! I am the tabernacle of the Spirit of the Living God, this has been His plan from the onset, to trust me with His Spirit because I trust that He Loves me❤️

Dearest reader (that I seldom abandon, to seek more information) from the bottom of my heart, my earnest desire is to know you walk in your realities in Christ and what He did on the cross for you. For you to grow in the knowledge of Him that resides within you, so you can experience the depth, height, breadth and immeasurable length of His true love for you. It’s only in this way you’re able to function in your responsibilities and be the Christ that others see

I love all my readers ❤️ stay safe

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