Chauvin Verdict: Mixed Reactions As Derek Chauvin Is Found Guilty Of All Charges In George Floyd’s Murder

There are lots of mixed reactions in the city of Minneapolis after former police officer; Derek Chauvin was convicted on Tuesday on all counts of the death of George Floyd. While many are happy over the sentence given to Chauvin yet thousands of people are still sad over the untimely death of George Floyd which could have been avoided.

Recall that Floyd’s, whose killing sparked worldwide protests and reckoning on race in the U.S spring up the movement of Black Life Matters movement (BLM). After about a day of deliberations, the jury found Chauvin guilty of unintentional second-degree murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter.

The truth is that killing innocent people is always wrong and no argument or excuse, no matter how deeply believed, can ever make it right. No religion on earth condones the killing of innocent people; no faith tradition tolerates the random killing of our brothers and sisters on this earth.

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Judge Peter Cahill read the verdict at the heavily secured Hennepin& County Government Center in downtown Minneapolis, where the trial began last month. A cheer could be y from the crowd of peaceful protesters that had gathered outside.

You will recall that Derek Chauvin, 45, was filmed kneeling on Mr. Floyd’s neck for more than nine minutes during his arrest. The widely watched footage sparked worldwide protests against racism and excessive use of force by/ police.

The Floyd family’s lawyer, Ben Crump, said it to marked a “turning point in history” for the US.

This is indeed an example for all countries to emulate. We are glad justice was served well.

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