Catholic Daily TV Mass For All- Monday, May 3, 2021

The Catholic daily TV Mass is a prayer itself, is even the highest prayer that exists. It is the Sacrifice dedicated by our Redeemer at the Cross, and it should be repeated every day on the altar.

There is nothing so great as the Eucharist because it’s the faith we share in the sacrifice of the holy mass. Is also good to hear the word of God and reflect on the homily of each day as we worship God.

Merciful Father, purify us in body and soul and make us worthy to taste the Holy of Holies.

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Heavenly Father, we come before You Oh Lord, our  God, thanking you for waking us up this Monday morning to embrace the sunlight that shoots down from the heavens. Thank You for giving us the health and strength we need to overcome every stronghold in my life. All this and many more we ask through Jesus Christ our Lord who lives and reigns in the unity of the holy spirit world without end. Amen.
Watch the video below:

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