1st Reading: Acts 12:24-13:5: I want Barnabas and Paul set apart.

Resp Ps 66(67):2-3,5-6,8: Let the peoples praise the Lord; let all the people praise you.

Gospel: Jn 12:44-50: I the light, have come into the world.


In today’s first reading, we see the power of the Holy Spirit and the Gospel burst into Europe.starting from Cyprus down to Salamis and eventually gets to us . It was still the initiative of God that this was done. As they were praying and fasting, the Holy Spirit appointed Barnabas and Paul for a special duty. God calls us individually and the Church obeys. God is the one in charge.

With these two companions (Paul and Barnabas) the pagan world; our world was no longer the same. Their message of the Good News is still spreading even till now. This is the power of God at work. In fact Gamaliel must have been so shocked to hear the news that his student Saul is not only converted but he is spreading the mission to another continent. The Church has become cosmopolitan and universal,

This is action of Christ in the world. Is the Holy Spirit sending and calling you? Are you prompt to the dictates of the Holy Spirit?Are you living the Word of God faithfully for there is punishment for deceit? Is the gospel your companion and guide for every decision you make? The Church of Antioch cooperated with the Word of God, do you cooperate with the word of God? Where is the place of God’s word in your life?

Just like in Antioch, God called them, they obeyed and He opened their eyes and they did everything with great joy, we too must spread the Gospel with great joy so that we can see what a mighty God we serve and nothing is impossible for Him. We must trust that God will use us to bring people in while others are sent. It means that what matters is not the sitting capacity in a Church but the sending capacity of a given Church. The disposition and readiness to trust in the path that God will guide us through is the hallmark of a true disciple.
Believe and Live the Word of God, the Word of Life. Proclaim it and be fulfilled in it.

Fr. Joe OSJ


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