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Anxiety is generally said to be a feeling of worry about an impending event or something that seems to have an unclear result or outcome. It is characterized by unease and nervousness. Simply put, it is an emotion that we humans feel when we are troubled about something. The body becomes edgy and twitchy and eventually begins to tense up. Once this emotional process begins, the mind becomes absorbed and obsessed about the object of worry and becomes oblivious of any other thing happening around it. Loss of appetite and inability to sleep among others, have been shown to be common signs of anxiety.

Well, in this world of ours, with how things are going, every day seems to bring about its own troubles and worries. Today it is one issue, tomorrow it becomes the version 2.0. We seem to be in a vicious cycle of uncertainties, concerns and worries. This unfortunately has left numerous people emotionally deranged, disturbed and unstable. Good news is, one can break out of this spiteful and horrid state.

Sometimes we tend to feel that something wrong is about to happen, even though on the surface, everything seems to be okay. Most of these times, there is really no genuine and factual reasons to feel unease and nervous, no need to worry, it seems. Other times we feel some kind of heaviness or weight or even compression on the chest that could even make it hard to breathe in air. Sometimes we are hungry but do not just feel like eating or even tired and lying in bed at night, closing our eyes but cannot just sleep off. Do these sound familiar to you? Have you felt this way? These are sure signs that you are anxious about something. But as I said earlier, you and you alone have the power to overcome this.

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The first step in overcoming anxiety is to choose to be the master of your emotions. How? Begin by deciding how you react to events and the world around you. Yes, you can do that. Just as a particular situation or event aroused a feeling of emotion for you, so can you also change the air and environment to your desired outcome. You can choose to laugh about it or you can choose to be sad about it. But ultimately, you need to know not to worry about what you cannot change. Tip, you need to Smile more, breathe deliberately, and go slowly. More so, action reduces anxiety faster. So engage in physical activities and relaxation exercises, try to have a healthy diet, get regular sleep and maybe consider joining a support group.

This life is tough already but that is how it is meant to be, so do not let it get to you to the point of it disturbing you and making you anxious. Every day will take care of itself. Remember, no condition is permanent. Be optimistic that everything will be Ok. Don’t worry…Be happy!
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