Michelle Obama Is About To Have Another California Elementary School Named After Her


Former United States first lady; Michelle Obama, is about to have another school named after her.

An elementary school in Northern California is about to rename their school after the former Flotus, Michelle Obama.

The PTA decided on it and a vote was decided, and the school went with the idea.

“We wanted to choose someone on a global level,” Maisha Cole, president of the PTA, said in the news release. “With a new school and new learning environment, we want our children to think beyond Richmond, to think beyond California, and remind them that they can make a difference locally and globally.”

Principal Claudia Velez said she the update is intended to inspire the student body at the school (formerly known as Wilson Elementary School), which spans approximately 430 children from kindergarten to sixth grade.

“We have the opportunity to have a beautiful new school named after a person who really represents our diversity and values,” said Velez. “Our school is diverse, modern and innovative, and the things that the kids will be doing will prepare them for a very strong and successful future in whatever career they choose.”

Michelle Obama has left her mark on the nation’s education system in more ways than one.

This isn’t the first school to be named after her, there is also ‘The Michelle Obama Elementary School’ in Los Angeles and about 20 others named after Barack and Michelle Obama.
The school will also be renovated and the new name will go into effect when a new facility opens for the elementary school in the 2020-2021 school year.