SHOCKING! 13-Year-Old Russian Girl Pregnant For 10-Year-Old Boy (Photos)


Strange and unheard things happen everyday in different parts of the world. Some incidents leaves the jaw wide open in awe while some are just unbelievable.
Here is an unusual report of a pregnant 13-year-old Russian girl who revealed that a 10-year-old boy is the father of her unborn child. The little girl who has become popular online following news of her pregnancy is now seeking for sponsors so she can become an online influencer. Local media said the girl is trying to monetise her social media accounts and is willing to work with famous brands and sponsors.

The teen, who lives in Siberian town Zheleznogorsk, attends seventh grade while the 10-year-old who is reportedly the boyfriend and father of her child is still in fourth, according to reports.

She was only 13 when she fell pregnant but the girl, who was initially identified as Daria “Dasha” Rubchinskaya but later as Daria “Dasha” Sudnishnikova, has reportedly recently turned 14.

Ever since the story of her pregnancy made headlines around the world, The schoolgirl mum-to-be; Daria has been using her new-found fame to build up a following on social networks. She’s been sharing snaps and video clips and has been including the hashtag “Pregnant at 13” on her posts. Daria’s mother; Elena reportedly has terminal cancer, but says she is determined to overcome the disease in order to be there for her pregnant daughter.

She said: “Initially, we thought she had food poisoning, but slowly we started to realise that whatever was happening had nothing to do with her belly. We then bought a pregnancy test and it showed up positive.”

Elena said that she never considered making her teen daughter have an abortion because she would be concerned that she would not be able to have children in later life.

Elena also added that, despite her terminal-stage cancer, she plans to stay around as long as possible in order to take care of the baby in the future, adding: “Now I have a reason to live.”

Hhmmm….what do we say, but to wish her luck and a safe delivery.