American TV host, Wendy Williams Faults US Rapper T.I After Admitting He Annually Checks His Daughter’s Virginity


Popular American TV host, Wendy Williams, rants uncontrollably over rapper T.I’s revelation that he takes his 18-year-old daughter, Deyja, to a doctor annually to confirm her virginity.

Wendy Williams picked up an issue with rapper T.I and openly revealed she was mad and disgusted by T.I’s statement. Speaking during her show, ‘The Wendy Williams Show’, she slammed the rapper holding that any girl would feel violated should they be passed through what the rapper does to her daughter on her birthdays every year. “I am mad at T.I. He’s got his daughter who is 18, right? By the way, he’s got two 18 years olds. Anyway, he got on his podcast and he said that he goes to the gynecologist with her, at the time at each birthday she has and sits there with the doctor and his daughter for the final result. You know why he’s there? To check her hymen, to see if she’s still a virgin.” Wendy said on Thursday, November 7.

Wendy sensationally claimed T.I actions did not only maker her uncomfortable but also a host of other Americans, including the entire crew on her production team. “I would feel violated at 18, even if it was my mom and I got along with her, much less my dad. And so people were pissed. He was doing the podcast apparently, he sits there with two girls. But they were employed so they laughed along. In the meantime, T.I. doesn’t mind his son King is having sex. And he talked about that on ‘The Family Hustle’.” She added. Wendy faulted T.I for exposing her daughter to hungry men online who thronged her Instagram account to ask her if they could take her virginity. The TV host advised the rapper to stop being a sexist and trust his children more instead of taking them through all the humiliation.

“There has to be a certain amount of trust you have in your kids. When you’re 18, a lot of people are already having sex at 18. I think the control he’s having on her is very sexist, but it’s fine for the young boy, but not for her.” Wendy stated. Wendy also went ham on the doctors for sharing the results with T.I, although the latter previously insisted his daughter usually sign a release. Wendy’s rant came barely a fortnight after the rapper through his podcast revealed he always takes his daughter to the doctor to check if she is still a virgin.

His revelation has got so many people talking and condemning the rapper for violating his daughter’s right to freedom.