Nigerian Model High School Alumni (NIMOSA) 2000 Set Weekly Activities


Today, at the NIMOSA Alumni forum, Olurunosebi Abdulahi , on behalf of the Excos, presented the NiMOSA 2000 Set weekly activities.

He said; “We say a big hello to the most distinguished group members

Permit us to unveil to your viewing the weekly programs slated for day to day running of the group.

See activities below:

*NIMOSA 2000 Set Weekly WhatsApp Activities*

*Monday:* _Build your own business_ from business people in the house. *from 8am to 10pm*
This is a Monday activity and is to encourage us to create other or multiple source of income for our personal financial needs. Where we will share business setup ways and business running ideas to empower and enrich ourselves.

*Tuesday:* _Career talk_ from professionals and business people in the house *8am to 10pm*
This Tuesday activity will be for professionals in the house, we will share and discuss topics and things that can take us higher and greater in our career development.

*Wednesday:* _Market place_ Market your business Segment *8am to 10pm*
This activities segment is to encourage us to markets our wares, products and services for us to get prospective buyers or patronages on the NIMOSA platforms. We can also get referrals to our businesses or expertises from members.

*Thursday:* _Throwback pictures, memories and discussion_ from *8am to 10pm*
This is where we share past and remarkable events that we are personally or collectively involve. This throw back memories sharing will be fun-filled

*Friday:* _TGIF & Socialize_ social talk and discussions with handout @ VP place, Ikeja etc
This a day activities that we unwind and relax by sharing economy, politics, gossip, news. Sharing opinion, fact, contribution, believe etc just for us to be current on what is happening in our communities and nation at large.

*Saturday and Sunday:* _free days_ throughout the weekend.

At the weekend, is to share on the platform any information, suggestion, contribution etc just to keep the platform active and vibrant while we keep relating and doing business with ourselves with trust and believe we will be our brothers keep and protect ourselves.

These activities will be coordinated and monitor by the executives while we implore all members to add their own quota to this discussions, we can benefit from each other, from our wealth of knowledge and proven records and accomplishments. Let’s initiate some talks and discussions, let’s contribute to contributions and acknowledge understanding.

*We the executives believe if we put all these in place the platform will be lively and also a form of support for us all.*

Thank you all for your time and data as we commence the above mentioned activities come Monday 20th of May, 2019.

With Regards

*Abdullahi Olorunosebi*
Social Director

If you’re out there and you attended NMHS, graduated in year 2000, and you’ve not joined us, you’re missing out on a lot of fruitful activities and connections.
You can join us by clicking on the link below:


Thank you