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19-year-old Israeli Teenager Tops 2020 List Of ‘Most Beautiful Face On The Planet’

There is no height of achievement you can’t attain in life as long as you put your mind to it and continually push yourself to try again. Yael Shelbia; a 19-year-old model has secured the top spot of an annual beauty contest after contesting for 4 years.

Yael Shelbia who is currently carrying out mandatory military service with the air force was crowned the most beautiful woman on the planet topping the “100 Most Beautiful Faces of the Year”.

Although this is not the first time Shelbia has rated highly in the competition, this is a breakthrough for Shelbia as the Israeli teen, said: “I’ve never come first at anything, it’s very nice.”

Shelbia is a popular figure on Instagram with nearly 1 million followers and she has modeled for several fashion companies and beauty line.

Winning any competition is the most wonderful accomplishment anyone could ever dream of.

Congratulations Shelbia.

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